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The Oceaneering GDS-3000 is a versatile solution for global satellite asset tracking and multi-sensor monitoring.

Learn how GDS-3000 enables customization for a wide array of sensors and device behaviors including sensor alarm triggers, onboard geo-fencing, and much more. 

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"The data provided by PortVision made our investigation that much easier, because we were able to extract accurate, undisputed information about what specific vessels were near the incident at the time in question." – Jereme A., Coast Guard Lieutenant

Oceaneering's GDS-3000 features include:

  • A solar option for monitoring unpowered assets
  • Reliable two-way global satellite network
  • Low profile, ruggedized and self-contained
  • And more!

Download your info sheet today to learn about our versatile solution that establishes a management portal for any fixed or mobile asset anywhere in the world.

Ed Carpenter
"PortVision is like being in the Goodyear Blimp watching a race or a ballgame. It's foolproof."

– Captain Ed Carpenter,
Dispatcher for Harbor Docking & Towing Company

Demurrage Analyst
"I use 70% less time and effort to analyze demurrage claims with TerminalSmart."

– Demurrage Analyst,
Large Beaumont Refiner

TSA Award