Case Study: Demurrage


Demurrage validation can be challenging, and even more so in the aftermath of major incidents that can delay reporting for months. When too much time elapses between the voyage and a disputed claim, it can often be difficult to generate the necessary level of detailed documentation with which to prove what happened. This was the challenge faced by one of the world’s largest integrated international oil and gas companies after a significant weather system roared through Port Arthur, Texas, in 2009.


Port Arthur

The Challenge

Six months after a hurricane, this company received a $400,000 demurrage claim from one of its charter vessel owners. The owner claimed that its vessel had arrived at the sea buoy as scheduled, tendered its notice of readiness (NOR), and then departed when the approaching weather made conditions unsafe to remain. The oil company believed this claim was invalid, and needed data to prove its case.


Vessel in cloudy weather

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