Whitepaper: Learn to Streamline Your Dock Management System


The goal of marine terminal operators is to optimize dock usage in a complex environment involving many vessels and a large number of associated activities. Dock management has traditionally been a complex, paper- and spreadsheet-based operation spanning job scheduling, real-time operations, activity logging and post-mortem demurrage analysis and reporting. Now, these operations can be consolidated into a single, end-to-end marine terminal optimization solution. 

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Implementing an Automated Dock Management Solution

The three key components of an automated dock management system are collaborative job scheduling, activity logging and back-end reporting.

Collaborative job scheduling delivers the shared ability to create jobs and view details. It enables many people to access to the same data, from the corporate office negotiating a charter contract to the refinery managing the operations. Collaborative job scheduling also eliminates the risk of actions or decisions based on inaccurate data.

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