Whitepaper: 5 Questions to Ask When Considering Industry 4.0 Solutions


Many industries have embraced the power of Industry 4.0 solutions that aggregate sensor and planning/forecasting data into a single shared view and deliver valuable analytics and real-time alerting capabilities. But nowhere is Industry 4.0’s potential for new efficiencies greater than at the terminal. Fully realizing the benefits of Industry 4.0 at your terminal requires a complete understanding of what it takes to get there. Consider asking yourself these five questions when planning next steps for deployment.

Industry 4.0

Question #1: Are you familiar with Industry 4.0 and how it applies to terminal logistics?

Industry 4.0 means many things to many people. At the terminal, it should touch each piece of the logistics supply chain and provide a more holistic view at every step of multi-modal transportation operations.

Ship delivering cargo at terminal

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