Whitepaper: 5 Reasons to Bring Industry 4.0 to Your Terminal


Many industries have embraced the power of Industry 4.0 solutions that aggregate sensor and planning/forecasting data into a single shared view and deliver valuable analytics and real-time alerting capabilities. But nowhere is Industry 4.0’s potential for new efficiencies greater than at the terminal, where operators are under more pressure than ever to squeeze the highest possible product volumes through their supply chain and transportation infrastructure. The pressure won’t ease up any time soon as exports continue to climb.

Industry 4.0

Reason #1: To improve supply chain visibility

Operators need to know what’s happening across the entire supply chain and all product movements from the dock to tanks, trucks, rail and pipelines.

Truck at terminal

Reason #2: To facilitate collaborative trouble-shooting and decision-making

Multiple stakeholders and vendors must work more closely today, in order to solve scheduling and other problems and understand how actions in one part of the operation affect what’s going on elsewhere.

Workers at terminal

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