Whitepaper: 5 Ways to Use TerminalSmart as the Springboard to Industry 4.0


You know what Industry 4.0 is. And you know why your terminal needs it. TerminalSmart brings Industry 4.0 to your logistics supply chain so you can squeeze the most out of your teams, assets, partners and infrastructure. Take advantage of this opportunity to streamline and optimize a variety of processes across all transportation modes and learn how you and your stakeholders can use TerminalSmart to launch your Industry 4.0 initiative.


Reason #1

Identify opportunities for realizing efficiency gains by aggregating sensor and planning/forecasting data.

With the right data, teams can analyze scheduling conflicts for each product lineup. They can forecast tank levels, customer inventory and line fills using the same information, across all product flows from tank-to-tank transfers to inbound and outbound pipeline, ship, barge, railcar and truck movements.


Download the complete whitepaper to read about the 5 ways  TerminalSmart can fast-track your Industry 4.0 initiative.

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